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The Fragrances of Japan Collection
“The sakuyakonohana Incenses”

2012 marks the 1300th year since the compilation of the Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters), Japan’s oldest known book of history.
The numerous gods mentioned in the Kojiki are still revered at numerous shrines across Japan and continue to play a major role in the religious and spiritual beliefs of the Japanese people.

According to the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan), the oldest shrine in Japan is the Izanagi Jingu, located in Awaji Island: home to koh-shi, or incense artisans. In celebration of the 1300th anniversary of the compilation of the Kojiki, the new product series has been named Fragrances of Japan Collection—The Sakuyakonohana Incenses, after the Princess Konohanasakuya who appears in the Kojiki, with fragrances derived from 14 different flower varieties, reflected in their names.

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101-Samurai Orchid 102-Royal Flower 103-Moth Orchid 104-Lily of the Valley - Floral Fragrance
105-Needle Juniper 106-Wave of Flowers 107-Flower of Fuji 108-Flower of the Season
109-Peaceful Countryside 110-Flower-filled Sky 111-Peppermint 112-Cape Jasmine
114-White Clover 116-Elegant White Lotuse    


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