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Awaji Island

Awaji Island incense is born from traditional incense manufacturing methods, strict quality management and the skill and pride of the koh-shi. This is the deep world of incense that simply can not be imitated by modern mass production methods. Please enjoy the luxurious moments that Awaji Island Koh-shi incense will create for you.

Awaji Island is the leading manufacturer of incense in Japan, currently responsible for 70% of all of Japan's incense. The history extends back to 1850 in Ei of the city of Awaji in 1850 when Senshuu Sakai manufacturing technology was introduced. At the time, Ei was a military run trade port for the Tokushima Clan, which opened the door to the import and sale of raw materials used in making incense. Over time, the incense made in Awaji Island became renowned throughout Japan. The main reason incense manufacturing took root in Awaji Island is because of its nishi-kaze (west wind). This strong seasonal wind hampers the fishing industry, giving rise to the necessity for cottage industries such as incense making. This wind is also great for drying incense. Skillful use of nature is the secret to Awaji Island's incense making. That skill and spirit have been passed on to the Awaji Island incense of today.

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