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Japanese Fragrance Series

Whether for worship,
relaxation or for welcoming guests,
Awaji Island incense brings
the spirit of Japan into your home.

Incense began to be manufactured about 160 years ago, in 1850, on Awaji Island. The Awaji Island Koh-shi, “Incense Masters,” have maintained the quality of Awaji Island incense, which has been cherished throughout its long history and tradition. The Koh-shi have charge of the entire process of incense manufacturing, from the mixing stage to the creation stage, while overseeing the quality of all products. The “Japanese Fragrance Series” features 14 varieties of incense created with pride by the 14 Awaji Island Koh-shi, who are committed to maintaining the high quality of traditional Awaji Island incense. Experience the leisurely flow of time while enjoying the elegant fragrance of each variety of incense.

Japanese Fragrance Series
101-Acacia 102-Seasonal Yuzu 103-Green Tea 104-Coffee
105-Water Lily 106-Fresh Sandalwood Breeze 107-Sandalwood 108-Fragrant Olive
109-Scent of Forest 110-India Ink 111-Lavender 112-Japanese Musk
114-Fragrant Wood 116-Cherry Blossom    


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