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招福の香 エンジェルバグ ANGEL BUG

Angel Bug, a fragrance of good luck
from Awaji,island of perfumes

Since ancient times, people used light, flowers and incense to repel impurity, but incense was always considered to be the most effective.
Incense has been much loved throughout the centuries, with the popularity of various fragrances changing with the times. Today, we use incense in daily life for purposes ranging from healing to refreshing and soothing our spirits. Knowing how to skilfully use fragrances and incense is an essential aspect of any life of quality. Creating a pure, clean home is the first step toward bringing good fortune into your life, and the Angel Bug incense range is based on fragrances that traditionally attract good for tune. A selection of 15 incenses is available to suit any place or purpose.


Because Awaji Island is famous as the site of the Shinto creation myth featuring the inseparable married pair of gods Izanagi-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto, Angel Bug incense is sold as a pair of matching sets.

Original items of "Angel Bug"
Incense cones-15 fragrances
(When the fragrance begins to fade, you can
use the remainder as powdered incense)
Incense holder (small)

Ko-shi mini-bag
香司厳選セレクションスタンド縦Original stand of "Angel Bug"


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